Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Drone at White House Freaks Out Secret Service

How could they NOT have seen it coming?

The Secret Service and the White House are freaking out because a small toy drone landed on the lawn of the White House.

Back in 2012 I predicted much worse was coming down the pike:
How hard would it be to put a small gun on a drone and fly it into forest or field... or through a window for assassination purposes? Not hard, I can assure you. Sure it would probably be a one-shot deal (blow back and all), but you can bet that little problem will be fixed soon enough.

Imagine a world with everyone flying cheap drones with guns on them. The possibilities for extortion, murder, and mayhem are legion, and so too will be the desire and rationalizations of the police, and others, who are likely to use them to invade privacy and snoop in all kinds of ways now unimaginable.


5string said...

You'd think they'd be blocking the radio frequencies that these UAVs operate on. But the SS is a federal bureaucracy... nuff said.

Like I posted on a news site they ought to have terriers on the grounds. Mine alert on anything in the air. Turkey buzzards to helicopters, if it's got wings or blades and coming overhead you know about it.

Chas Clifton said...

I figure that the Secret Service will soon be requesting an appropriate for multiple 12-gauge shotguns and lots and lots of training time at skeet and trap ranges. For national security, of course!

A tight choke and T shot should take care of these cheap "consumer" drones -- for now.