Saturday, October 11, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

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It's in the Genes
A new study identifies eight genes that could partly explain why some people drink coffee by the pot, while others avoid it altogether.

Most Foods Labeled "Natural" Have GMO Ingredients
New research from Consumer Reports published shows that foods claiming to be “natural” are most likely to contain GMO. Consumer Reports tests 80 different processed foods containing corn or soy. In the U.S., 94 percent of soybeans and 89 percent of corn is GMO, as of June 2014. “Virtually all” of the foods labeled “natural” contained genetically engineered ingredients.  And what's wrong with GMO foods?  Not a thing.  It's the sugar, salt and fats that will kill you!

Homeopath Finds Cure for Ebola
And it's an MP3

U.K. Professional Standards Is Full of Nutters
The Professional Standards Authority in the U.K. has accredited the Society of Homeopaths as a holder of a approved voluntary register of health-care practitioners.  As Andy Lewis notes, "Our health care regulators cannot differentiate between a health care profession and a pseudo-medical cargo cult."

An Ebola Suit
You may need this.

Open Carry Enthusiast's Gun Stolen at Gun Point
If only he had a gun!

Made in America from Recycled Bottles
Dirt Ball Fashion's "The 50" jacket is made entirely in the USA, from the zipper to the quilting, using 100% recycled materials, including polyester from about 50 post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. This puffy winter coat could be a great way to keep warm, look stylish, and support the work of a company that's been focused on American-made and recycled eco-friendly clothing and accessories since 2008. The 50" jacket comes in any color you want, as long as it's black, and at the end of its useful life, can be sent back to Dirt Ball Fashion to be processed back into poly fiber to be used again in new fabrics.  This is kick-starter thing, so it may be Spring before a jacket is available, but this is the right idea.

Yes, But Is It Good for Chocolate?
Chocolate prices could soar as Ebola fears trigger panic in the cocoa market.

A Modern Story of Abraham
A 13-year-old Turkish boy was killed instantly when he was hit on the head by a sacrificial goat that had jumped off the roof of a building in a bid to escape.

Just Shoot Him
A senior ranger for South Africa National Parks is to be charged with rhino poaching.

Canary Fancier, 1898
From The Brooklyn Eagle of November 8, 1895: “Complaints have reached Flatbush that the residents of the northeastern section of the Twenty-ninth ward are annoyed by a man named Thomas McCormick, who is well known to the police. He served two years and a half in state’s prison for highway robbery and two more years for house breaking, beside having been arrested and convicted for minor offenses a dozen times during the last fifteen years. He is 35 years old, powerfully built and as strong as three ordinary men. No particular charge has been brought against him this time for the reason, the police say, that people in his neighborhood are unwilling to appear against him in a police court because they fear his vengeance. Sergeant Zimmerman told an Eagle reporter last night that a few days ago McCormick went into a Flatbush barber shop, the owner of which is a bird fancier, and ate two live canary birds, feathers and all.”

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