Thursday, September 18, 2014

In Scotland: Freedom, Free Dumb, or Freedoom?

The grievances of the Scots against the British have deep roots and shallow ones, but no one should be surprised that terrierwork runs through it, from the Clearances to the modern era and laws governing hunting with dogs.

Some time back I put up an eight-part post on the history of terrier work, but if you want to plop down in the middle, at posts #3 and #4, you will get the drift.

The Clearance of the Highlands in the 18th and 19th Century were part of the Enclosure movement pushing people off the land in order to create a sheep economy dominated by absentee landlords (see Balmoral Castle and the Scottish farm lands owned by David Cameron's step father in-law).

For those wondering how Scotland ever lost its freedom to England in the first place, see this post from a month ago about the Darian Scheme in which the Scots of 1700 decided to dig a Panama Canal... in Panama and then, when bankrupted, throw themselves on to the British to bail them out.

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