Monday, September 29, 2014

Darwin and His Finches

It turns out that Anton Woldhek, a reader of this blog, has a father who is both a gifted artist and a biologist and ornithologist. The above picture of Darwin, drawn by his father, is already a favorite! Get yours here. Other art from Siegfried Woldhek here.

Charles Darwin, of course, is a favorite of this blog.  He's not only the star of our anti-Kennel Club shirt, but his Jack Russell terrier, Polly, is an important player in one of his more important works. All in all, there are over 116 posts on this blog that mention Darwin. And the lovely rescue Jack Russell terrier who resides at my mother's house? He came with the name Darwin, and Darwin he has remained.  Perfect!

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Rosalba Hendriks said...

Ah, yes, Siegfried Woldhek. He used to illustrate a lot of articles for NRC Handelsblad, a Dutch newspaper that is focussed on intellectual readers. We at home always love his illustrations. Such a great blog this is, where all worlds meet!