Monday, July 28, 2014

Mike Rowe Gets a Terrier

Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, has acquired a homeless dog
It is, of course, an American dog which is to say that it is full of vim and vigor, of pedigree unknown, and to be judged on the attitude it brings to the job, not some scrap of paper issued by pretenders on Madison Avenue in New York City. 
And, since the job is likely to be dirty, it is a terrier of some sort.
Appears a puppy’s in my possession. If I had to guess, I’d say a terrier mix of some sort, maybe two months old. Yesterday he was homeless, today he’s not, and this morning we’re getting acquainted. All I know for sure is his teeth are sharp and he craps like a puma.

Being a person who thinks outside the box, Mike chose the dog's name using a kind of "puppy poo bingo," which seems like such a good idea that I thought I would share it. 
Mike wrote down the six names he liked best on a bit of puppy pen liner, and then let the dog "check the box" so to speak.  Freddie it is!

A standing offer to Mike is a day in the fields of Maryland for him and Freddie. As I have said in the past, owning a terrier without taking him out into the field is like owning a bottle of wine in order to read the label. 
And is Freddy ready for that Dirty Job?  Give him six months, and he will be!


Rick said...

Now we know for sure that Mike Rowe is willing to take on the real dirty jobs!

Peter Apps said...

In slightly similar circumstances a friend of mine acquired a similar sized "terrier of some kind" (but with classic JRT colours) off the back of a pickup. In his negotiations with the owner there might have been a slight mix up between months and weeks in the pup's age, because it has grown bigger than a greyhound !.