Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Puppy on Deck

I have another pup coming in a few weeks -- a small, heavily colored male Jack Russell from Adam Kozik at Foxcrest Working Jack Russell Terriers in Goshen, New York. Three of the pups are spoken for, but the three males, pictured above, are still available.

My little brown and white bundle of fur is pictured below. Still working on a name.

The sire here is 12 pounds and 10.5 inches, and the dam is 9 pounds and 10 inches. My guess is the pup will roll in at 11 pounds and 10.25 inches if I am lucky. Looks to me like these pups will be smooth, or very lightly broken.

Hank, the sire of this litter, has a head like a 9-pound hammer which seems to have come through in the pups. A happy and segacious-looking little guy, isn't he?


seeker said...

He's a cutie alright. I like a bit of color myself, all white animals kind of worry me. I hope, for your sake, that he too has a strong head. You seem to appreciate that in a dog.

Debi and the TX Jack/Rats

PipedreamFarm said...

Two JRT pups at the same time, and I thought we were nuts doing 2 Border Collie pups at the same time.