Saturday, April 19, 2014

Remember When German Shepherds Could Move?

I'm so old, I almost remember when German Shepherds weren't cripples.

Look at the showing ring German Shepherds now, however, and they can barely walk; "improved" by theorists at the Kennel Club to the point they are best described as "half dog and half frog."


A "German Shepherd" and an "Alsatian," of course, are the same breed. Due the wars in Europe, "German" was dropped from the name in Britain, and the name "Alsatian" was adopted. No reason to blame the dog for the stupidity of politicians and the jingoistic people who follow them!


Canine Behavior Training said...

It's not just the movement thing or the crippling, the temperament has also changed. I've had more GSD's with anxiety, hyperactivity and acute sensitivity before they even turn a year old lately then in all 40 years before this.

seeker said...

I'm 61 and I do remember. They were awesome dogs. Rin Tin Tin had a TV show and did all his own stunts. It's a damned shame what the AKC geniuses have done to a wonderful breed. I cringe when I see one of their monstrosities. My GSD (late 60s) was a 'rescue', she was dumped in front of our farm. She could run like the wind and helped herd the cattle until old age. Ultimately a tractor accident did Dani in. I loved that old dog.
It's no wonder that Lackland AFB breeds its own Malinois for the K-9 corps they train there. They are crazy compared to the GSD but they are sound to move.

Debi and the Jack/Rat Pack

concretenprimroses said...

That is pitiful. There are still some non show shepherds out there who can run like the wind, fortunately. Jumping I don't know..