Friday, February 14, 2014

"That Will Do, Fly"

- Fly - 

I do not elevate comments to posts very often, but Donald McCaig wrote a nice short story in response to a picture of the dysfunctional" sheepdog that "won" the standing joke called the Westminster dog show.

A foot of snow here and last night the sheep were in the hill pasture, a half mile from the lot where I had to overturn each feeder and clean it before I could put down corn. Blowing snow in my eyes and I couldn't see very well so I told Fly "Come by." The snow was so deep she had to jump through it until she disappeared". 

If she got tangled up in the woods and tangled wire and deep snow, there was no way to reach her.Too deep for the 4wd. And were the sheep there and where?

I hung the bucket over a fence post - out there on the hill, was that shadow moving sheep?

Sheep don't like to move through heavy snow any better than I do and when they appeared, Fly was right on their butts.

Only command I gave her: "That'll do. Lets get back in the house."


To which I would add
only one word: REAL sheepdog.  No pretenders need apply.

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