Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sailor, a Muddy Little dog

I injured my shoulder three weeks ago, but went out last weekend thinking it was "almost good enough" to dig.  Needless to say, I did the shoulder no failures while I was knocking a few holes into the ground, and spent all of last week in some muscle pain as a result.  This weekend I put on a series of those chemical patches that warm up afflicted muscles for hours at a time. Guess what? They work!

No digging this weekend while the shoulder sets right, but while looking for a vertical picture for someone, I came across this old shot of Sailor and I, both covered in mud.  Sailor was a great little dog.  Behind Sailor and half obscured is Trooper, my old Border Terrier.  Both of these dogs are gone now, and missed.  I learned a lot from these two.

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Seahorse said...

Your message on size of working terriers was up for discussion in our house the other night. It's evident on our farm every day. We have one fairly small terrier, and one probably too large terrier, though he's smaller than many. Thing is, he can't go where she can go, and it frustrates him. My husband was quoting a book written by Bob Clough which agrees with all you've said about size. He went on to tell me much more about the book, which made me happy since it all sank in, and for once I wasn't the one doing the recounting.