Friday, August 10, 2012

Talented Dog and Trainer Doing Useless Tricks

Pretty great trick training.


Marie said...

I love Jesse. Surprising he isn't some big movie star or television star, he runs circles around most of them. He makes them look like they ride the short bus lol.

Richard Cory said...

Tricks are not useless. This video is simply amazing. The dog is trained to do very helpful service dog tasks that help people in their daily life; a job that is anything but "useless" as you say. There is no such thing as a useless trick when it comes to the relationship that is built when spending time with your dog.

PBurns said...

LOL. Jesse is not a service dog. Yes, this is great trick training, but let's be serious: these tricks are for ENTERTAINMENT and have NO useful function. This it not a dog trained to herd sheep, guide the blind, find a bomb, or even catch a rat. Nothing wrong with fun, but if you think this is a service dog at work or these tricks are actually useful, you are deluded, insane or simply argumentative without point. Next!