Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Gideon!

Gideon came to me at a little past two and a half years of age thanks to the kindness of Dawn Weiss at Briar Run Jack Russell Terriers in Missouri.  Gideon is a tough 11-inch body attached to a big head that is always sporting an enormous grin, and he lives for food, balls, and time in the field.  Gideon is Dawn's breeding, but behind him are quite a few Kingsway dogs from Jan DeWinter in Belgium, who seems to produce a steady stream of workers himself. As for Gideon, he is the only intact dog I have and he will remain so, which is all the editorializing I need to make about his value to me as a worker and companion.  So far as I can tell, Gideon has never met a dog or a human he could not convert to his side in five seconds.  Dale Carnegie could take lessons!


Dave said...

Nice post. Nice dog. Nice dog owner.

seeker said...

Happy Birthday Gideon. May all your trails be fresh, all your prey frisky, your boss fast digging and your nose forever remain unscarred.

Debi, Abbott and Bridget the TX JRTs.

Rick said...

Happy Birthday, Gideon.