Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bumper Sticker Can Tell You Quite a Lot

This is the bumper of my friend Teddy Moritz, who has driven around New Jersey for 20 years with this creed on her various trucks and cars.

She says no one has ever flipped her off or said an unkind word about it.

And this is New Jersey.

Think about that for a moment.

In 20 years, no vehicle vandalism, no flipped fingers, no harassment.

And yet, to hear some folks say it, we are supposed to be cringing cowards living in fear of "the antis".

Not me, and not Teddy!

In fact, as I have noted before, most of those stoking the fear of "the antis" do not hunt themselves, and many are in such poor physical shape, and with such a tenuous grasp on wild places and wild life, it can be said they are incapable of hunting.

What they are capable of, however, is stoking the fires of paranoia to raise cash and manipulate people into a stampede. 

How do you make a stampede?  Well first, you make a herd, and then you make a lot of noise and maybe flap some blankets, and then....

It's an added benefit that those who seek to manipulate us all, can use this contrived fear of "the antis" as their personal (and very convenient) reason to never post a picture of themselves or their dogs with quarry

They hunt a lot, they will tell you, but NO there are no pictures of them with real game and real dogs in the field. 

"Never thought to bring a camera."


And in the next 10 years, there will still be no pictures, because they have still never thought to bring a camera.

For these people, there's another sticker often seen on the bumpers of those who hunt their own dogs: "When the tailgate drops, the bullshit stops".



Karen Carroll said...

Go Teddy!!! My husband just wants to take the antis to the everglades, where he has hunted many, many times. Just exhaust them from exertion and leave the physical flop anti to be skeeter food, or gator/(or croc food in certain areas) or even Burmese python food. .

Remember the ValuJet 592 jetliner airplane that crashed into the glades about a decade ago? I don't think that it was ever recovered.

Unknown said...

Teddy's name is familiar to me. Do you know if she had Bull Terriers at one time and taught them to hunt?

PBurns said...

Yep -- had her first bull terrier in 1962 when she was 15. She switched to Jack Russells and mini-dachs in 1976-77, but finally abandoned the Jacks when she could not find small enough dogs for our tight earths. She's worked long-haired min-dachshunds ever since. A terrific woman, of the very finest American vintage.


Seahorse said...

Amazing her car remains unscathed. I get flipped-off and horn-blown with regularity for driving the speed limit, or only slightly above it!