Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Letter from the Kennel Club

Dog World is reporting that the Kennel Club in the UK is about to reach out to vets across Britain.

The crack team of researchers here at have been forwarded a copy of the letter that we are told is to accompany the 200-page report, which sounds suspiciously like the 200-page report and money-making scheme that Dr. Craig Dixon is flogging here in the U.S., and which we have previously reported on.

Dear Veterinary Service:

Good news!

As most of you know, we at the Kennel Club have been producing diseased, defective, and deformed dogs now for more than 100 years.

Many of you have paid for your homes and sent your children to college based upon incredible fees you have charged wailing customers whose dogs were crippled by hip dysplasia or about to go blind due to an inherited eye disease.

And of course, there's the standard money makers we have provided for you -- Cesarean births for dogs that cannot whelp on their own, sinus operations on the dogs that cannot breathe, and the biggest money maker of all -- skin rashes that keep coming back again and again. Ka-ching!

I am writing you today to let you know that we at the Kennel Club intend to continue to produce generations of dogs for your financial benefit.

Have no worries there.

In fact, we have just found a new line of money-making for you.

Here's the gambit: we have produced a new 200-page manual listing all the genetic testing you can fob off on every new dog owner.

These tests can generate as much as £100,000 a year for you and your practice, and these tests will always be needed because we will never allow the kind of cross-breeding needed to reduce inherited defect. In fact, testing will result in a narrowing of the gene pools and even more inbreeding in most cases.


And here's more good news: The Kennel Club sells health insurance.

Yes we make bank money from this, but you can too! You see, pet health insurance means that you can charge more for any and all procedures that need to be done. How good is that? Perfect, once again!

Remember, we at the Kennel Club are always here for you. We encourage you to help us help you by pushing our new Accredited Breeders Scheme.

Don't worry; it doesn't actually require the production of healthy dogs or impose any common sense standards. It's business as usual at the Kennel Club, and puppy farmer are always welcome! But what the Accredited Breeders Scheme does is make it sound like you care about canine health, and it makes us sound like we do too. In the days ahead, as we continue to work hard to make the world safe for pet health insurance sales and veterinary billing, this fig leaf of concern will be an important fiction to maintain.

Upwards and onward. Profits first, with dogs always bringing up the rear!

The Kennel Club

Is this the letter that is being sent by the Kennel Club?

Our researchers say it is, but time will prove it one way or another! Stand by for more details!

Notice that this is sold as a big money-maker for the vet and is paired with the sale of pet health insurance.

Notice too that neither this vet nor the Kennel Club is producing a simple poster showing the longevity of dogs, or the prevalence of disease in breeds.

Is there a Kennel Club poster showing the "Dirty Dozen of Defective, Diseased, and Deformed Dogs That Will Cost You Big Dollars"?

There is not! Where's the money in that??

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That video did me in. Show this book (my book) to client. make sure your on the same side of the table (that killed me).