Wednesday, August 18, 2010

$35 Tablet Computer Is an Instant Game Changer

Read about it, and see it, here. Made in India. Amazing!

More here and here and here.

Available next year. The low $35 price is for educational institutions, and the direct-to-consumer price will be a bit higher, but it's still a massive price breakthrough.


Anton said...

without a keyboard its still pretty useless as an "educational" device.
Just a big cellphone to watch youtube vids on.

PBurns said...

I tend to agree -- I use a net book with a full-sized keyboard myself -- but the world is changing fast, and some people are able to type fast with a touch screen key pad.

Pads, as far as I can tell, are basically research tools and readers that hold out the possibility of being able to replace 200 pounds of books (and a few thousand dollars in unnecesary college expenses), while being useful for email. And Youtube of course ;)


Anton said...

if it was a capacitive multitouch screen ala iPad yeah then i agree it can be used for a quick text or to jot a note next to an ebook.
But its a resitive touchscreen that requires a stylus. Welcome back in 1997 ;)

But its only a matter of time before the Chinese make a useful enough hardware around this for it to be cool. Esp with android that is really gaining momentum as an OS at the moment.

Different price bracket but im waiting for to release.

cvinzant said...

It really does seem to exist, but now the question is: does really does cost $35? How low did Negroponte end up getting his $100 laptop? Nowhere near $35. It would be huge if it's real.

PBurns said...

Nick Negroponte was doing his thing a few years back (at least four or five six years ago), and things have changed a lot. I bought a IBM 386 once for $120,000. True story! It was 1981 or so....