Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Fox

(Click to enlarge)

Cson has been feeding her backyard fox, and now he shows up for lunch, the miserable thing.

Mine are not quite so bold, as the dogs have free run of the yard during the day, but like Cson, I too feed my local fox and they come every night on the hope I might have remembered them with some leftovers.

Fox are as common as water puddles in large parts of this country, but go about largely unseen as they move around at night.

Cson and I have both had yard fox with a touch of mange, but simply feeding a fox is often enough to boost the immune system so that they can right that problem themselves.


The meanderings of a history hound said...

I had a backyard fox for several years. It was the damnest thing ever.

My backyard is fenced in so he would come up to my fence. He wasn't scared off by my male pit bull, Petey. Petey just wanted to play with him. I came out one day to find Petey laying on his back looking at Mr. Foxy with the fox just sitting there looking at Pete.

Of course, I fed him, always raw.

When we got our female pit bull, Birdie, he stopped coming back because she was pretty hostile. She takes the Terrier in APBT seriously & wanted to have at the fox.

Now I let her hunt rabbits. She'll trail them back to their burrow & dig them out.

Anton said...

great photo!

FrogDogz said...

I had two young foxes cross the road in front of me this morning, but one looked white! I've been googling around about albino foxes, but can't find anything much. I assume that's what this was?

PBurns said...

Albino animals exist for all species, including fox, which also can come in a very, very light gold color that is almost an off-white.

Marie said...

Now that is a postcard photo, nice shot Cson.