Saturday, September 19, 2015

Are You An Old School Dog Trainer?

Folks have been arguing about dog training forever!

Consider this: In that classic of antiquity, "Roman Farm Management: The Treatises of Cato and Varro" we find Marcus Terentius Varro's observation that sheep dogs are often loyal to shepherds despite the fact that few shepherds of the era (50 A.D.) were bothering to follow the sage advice of Hostilius Saserna, given in 49 B.C.:

"Whoever wishes to be followed by a dog should throw him a cooked frog."

Click and treat ... or not?

No matter.

Either way, we have a modern T-shirt just for you!

Either way you are an Old School Dog Trainer.

Say it loud and say it proud.

The front of our white ringer T-shirt, baseball jersey, and hooded sweat shirt says "Old School Dog Trainer," while the back has a fine line drawing of a frog, and the Hostilius Saserna quote from 49 B.C.



And order one for your dog too! Our markup is ZERO percent.


Mongoose said...

Cool. :)

HurricaneDeck said...

Can you put that shirt up in a fat girl size?? I'd appreciate it. :-)

PBurns said...


I'll see what I can do.


PBurns said...

Done. Plus size, plus a golf shirt and another women's shirt with shortened sleeves.

See >>


HurricaneDeck said...

Woohoo! Thanks! :-)

The Doubtful Guest said...

Just ordered mine. Thanks for offering it!