Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mule vs Cougar?

The story as given here turns out to be a lie:

A couple living in Montana were outside with a mule and 2 dogs. He with a gun (he is a hunter), she with a camera. A cougar that was nearby decided that he would have a dog for dinner.

The hunter saw the animal so he wanted to shoot in the air to scare the beast but did not even have time to do that -- the cougar was already approaching a dog. Here is the incredible part of the story: the mule snatched the cougar up by the tail and started whirling him around banging its head on the ground repeatedly. Then the mule dropped it on the ground, stomped on it and held it by the throat. The mule got down on his knees and began to bite the creature a dozen times. The poor animal could not do anything ...

The hunter did not even need to shoot and the woman was able to take these 4 exceptional pictures.
It seems the lion was already dead when the mule tossed it around. The real story is supposed to be this one.


retrieverman said...

This is what really happened: http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/mulelion.asp

retrieverman said...

I actually wanted to do a post on this a few months ago, until I found out the truth.

PBurns said...

Thanks. Corrected the post. After I posted it this am, I started thinking about the picture and it didn't look right. Gotta Google on stuff like this!