Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brain Surgery on My Father

My father had brain surgery early Wednesday morning at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. The procedure involved drilling a hole in the top of his skull until it hit the third ventricle, and then cutting a drain hole in the bottom of the third ventricle so that it would drain out spinal fluid.

The operation was a complete success, and by early afternoon on Friday, my father was back at home making a cheese sandwich for himself, talking on the phone, feeling much improved, and trying to catch up with the news.

Not bad for man past 80! Actually, pretty damn good for an 18-year old!


Seahorse said...

Congrats on a great outcome for your dad, Patrick. I've had three brain touch-ups at Hopkins, under the "gifted hands" of Dr. Benjamin Carson. Wonderful doctor in a wonderful institution.


Doug said...

I'm glad things have worked out. I know it is worrying when your parents aren't well.


Miki said...

Warm and supportive thoughts for you and your family, Patrick.

Connemara said...

So glad to hear all is well once again with your Father.
Cheese sandwiches - One of my favorites.

Miki said...

Good science and good medicine are good things - always. I'm so glad you and your Dad and your family are doing well by it.


Jonathan Setter said...

get well soon Mr. Burns(snr).

Kind Regards
Jonathan CT

Gina said...

This is great to read. Hearty best wishes to your entire family, especially your dad, 80 years young.

jdg said...

Appreciate your blog and help... my dogs and I are better for reading it. i hunt bird dogs but a lot is the same with dogs in general. My dad made it to 94 at 80 he was still running in competition. Hope you get to spend more time with yours. Its great when older folk get the best of care from our medical community. Old is relative.