Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whores, Trolls, Cowards, Parasites & King Babies

In the world of Internet biology, there are taxonomic "lumpers" and "splitters" just as there are in real biology.

For example, when it comes to Internet vermin, I think a lot of ground is covered by lumping them as Whores, Trolls, Cowards, Parasites, or King Babies, as I note in this little page on Gresham's Law & the Internet.

I am a lumper.

But, of course, there are taxonomic splitters too, and at least one of them (Mike Reed) is a very good artist and has put together this delightful site called Flame Warriors where we get masterful illustrations and fine description of such folks as the the Artful Dodger, the Ideologue, the Furious Typer and the Tireless Rebutter.

The site even has a bulletin board where new warriors are suggested, such as Bird Dog, Thesaurus Rex, Puppet Master, Bullshit Merchant, and the Parrot. Check it out!

Of course, I get a little of this, as all blogs do.

One lady posted the same nonsense three times yesterday, revealing that she had not even read the original post that she was so outraged about (she's a vet who is hot that anyone would question some of the business tactics of so many in her profession). Perfect. Of course, she also did not bother to actually give a real email address or cite a single source in her rabid tirade. What am I going to do? It's not like I don't give instructions to the anonymous cowards is it? Nope. Delete.

One fellow sent me a screed that was actually meant for someone else. . I pointed out that he had sent it to the wrong person, in the wrong country, and on the wrong continent. Though he was being very rude to someone else (someone who has forgotten more about dogs than he will ever know), I took the time to point out (gently) that he was wrong on the fundamentals and that he might take the time to retool and rethink. After all, he was not (yet) being rude to me. Maybe he just needed a little information? So far this lunatic has sent me sixteen more emails (not getting my name right in more than half a dozen of them), and not caring that I do not respond (in fact, I do not even open them). What to do? Delete.


YesBiscuit! said...

OMG - I love it!

Seahorse said...

Good lord, sixteen crazy emails from one loon in a single day? Driving out there on The Internets can be a dangerous thing!