Monday, May 11, 2009

The Kennel Club Stud Book - 1884

In an effort to recover lost memory, I have put up a PDF copy of the 1884 Calendar and Stud Book of The Kennel Club (U.K) (330 pages).

For those paying careful attention, note that on the front page it says the Kennel Club Calendar and Stud Book were published at 346 Strand, the "Field" office.

This is a reference to "Field" magazine, whose editor, John Henry Walsh, was also a judge at the first dog show held in 1859.

John Henry Walsh wrote under the name "Stonehenge," and was also the person who came up with the Kennel Club's point system.

How much did Walsh know about dogs? I will let others judge that themselves when I put up a link to his 1859 book on dogs and dog breeding.
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retrieverman said...

Stonehenge-- haha!

His writings remind me of one of those early naturalists describing animals from taxidermied specimens.

His best known work is "The dog, in health and disease." And it's full of interesting stories that probably aren't true. I can send you a PDF of it, or you can find the full text of it easily on google.

He claims that a cross between a terrier and beagle makes a good retriever, something I highly doubt, for the terrier will introduce hard mouth into the strain. (I know Jack Russell that retrieves like a pro, but he plucks all of his tennis balls and stuffed toys. I guarantee you he'd do the same with a bird.) I can't imagine turning a beagle into a retriever.