Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu, the Movie, the Map, the Political Vote

Want to avoid swine flu? Wash your hands a lot. Nothing else will do more, short of not riding in closed subways, trains and airplanes where you are cheek-to-jowl with 250 people who might have the sniffles.

Want to track the rapid spread of what may be a pandemic? This being the modern era, there is a Google Maps application for that. Check it out.

Want to treat the pandemic if it breaks out? Vote Democrat!


Kathleen said...

Thanks for the google map link.

A question - If it becomes widespread in the the U.S., do you think we'll adapt to wearing masks as quickly as they did in Mexico City? That's a debate in my household.


PBurns said...

Regular paper masks don't do much -- almost nothing, in fact. They barely work for dust, and not much at all for germs. A commericial pig house respirator with cannisters (seriously, there is such a thing) will work, but the real fix is: washing hands, food and sleep to keep the immune system up, staying out of big venues with lots of people around who are up close to you (especially airplanes), getting outside in the forest and field as much as possible (sunlight does sterlize stuff), and Tamiflu if sick. Most pig farmers test positive for swine flu; this stuff is normally not that bad. But, as they say, time will tell. Right now, the hype seems a bit strong. Worried? Yes. Watchful? Yes. Take action? Yes. Full-on freak out? No, not yet, and probably never. My bet is that lighting strikes will kill more people in the U.S. than pig flu. But I have been wrong before ... ask my wife ;)


Barb said...

Fort Worth (TX) ISD just announced that it is closing all schools for a week or so - also canceling all UIL athletic and academic competitions.

So far people aren't freaking out down here - mostly anyway. I'm personally of the opinion that this is a wise move. Still rather scary though.