Monday, April 20, 2009


Pearl and I took a walk down to the river yesterday. There were scores of cormorants fishing, and a lot of humans too. The shad are on the run, and it looks like the run is up again this year, which is excellent.

You want to know what Spring fishing can be like just below my house? See this article from Angus Phillips from The Washington Post at about this time last year.


Kathleen said...

Pearl looks pleased. How does she stay looking so clean with her white fur?

My dogs had to content themselves with watching us plant the vegetable garden that is all but floating away in today's rains.

PBurns said...

She does stay pretty clean most of the time. This is her after running through creeks, onto the Potomac mudd=, and going in and out of a few small places. The smooth coats like Mountain do not have much fur for dirt to cling to, while Pearl has a pretty tough wire coat on her outside which seems to shed all equally well.


YesBiscuit! said...

Pearl is my favorite because she's always smiling.

Bigshrimp said...

I'm sure Mountain smiles...when she's face-to-face with a raccoon!

She's the warrior ;o)