Friday, February 20, 2009

What's That Sound?

Plays these sounds with your dog in the room, and see what reaction you get!

All files are simple .wav files and have been on my main www.terrierman web site for years. Most computers can play them without a hitch. If yours can't, do not email me, as I am not tech-support!



Heather Houlahan said...

Bad news.

Sample N=3

Two snoozing at my feet, one curled up next to me.

Hog whistle got the marmot-murderer to open her eyes, and daughter of marmot-murderer to lift her head.

Mild reaction to fox distress call.

Otherwise no reaction.

Until the skunk screech. They all thought that that was worth checking out.


Shoshannah said...

OK, my dog was resting in his bed a few feet away from my. My cat was snoozing right next to me.

Cat: Zero responses. Not even a blink.

Dog: 3 responses (Groundhog Whistle, Red Fox Distress Sounds and Skunk Chortle)- for those he raised his head, cocked it to the side, and looked at me.

Although Goodman was a stray in the past, I doubt he ever hear those sounds before- they are north American animals, and we are in Israel.