Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time to Eat More Kangaroo and Camel

The first camel being unloaded in Australia in 1890.

The latest advice from Australia
: eat more camel and kangaroo:

Australians were urged Tuesday to eat camels to stop them wreaking environmental havoc, just months after being told to save the world from climate change by consuming kangaroos.

A three-year study has found that Australia's population of more than a million feral camels -- the largest wild herd on earth -- is out of control and damaging fragile desert ecosystems and water sources.

The Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, which produced the report, plans to serve camel meat at a barbecue for senior public servants in Canberra on Wednesday to press its point.

Report co-author Professor Murray McGregor said a good way to bring down the number of camels was to eat them.

"Eat a camel today, I've done it," he told the national AAP news agency.

"It's beautiful meat. It's a bit like beef. It's as lean as lean, it's an excellent health food."


sassanik said...

I thought that camels were one of the least damaging species introduced into Australia, despite their large size. Perhaps they should suggest eatting the cane toad? Which I understand is a problem.

PBurns said...

Camel are benign at low densities, but with a million of them on the ground, they may not be. As for cane toads, they have a toxin in their skin and there's not enough flesh. The skin has been made into wallets, but the market for cane toad skin wallets is not exactly hopping (sorry for that).