Saturday, December 06, 2008

Coon Dog Goes to Ground and Luckily Escapes

News from Texas of a lucky dog with good owners:

Hunting Dog Gets Trapped 800 Feet inside Pipe

A hunting dog climbed 800 feet into a drain pipe in Ohio this week and became trapped inside.

Elvis the coonhound spent four days inside the 12-inch cylinder with water up to his neck before being rescued.

Elvis and his companion, Annie, were hunting raccoons with their owner when the two hounds darted into the pipe. Annie backed out but Elvis crawled deeper and deeper inside.

Elvis' owners, Erik Laughlin and Justin Wolery, tried for three days to rescue him before turning to a sanitation company for help.

Crews used special sewer and drain cameras to locate Elvis and then excavated earth above the pipe in order to break into the top and pull out the canine.

Laughlin and Wolery said they were ecstatic to get him free.

"The vet said he had water up against him. He could have froze down there. And other than cuts and bruises, any domesticated dog couldn't live down there. He says the dog's got more heart and drive than he's ever seen," Wolery said.

The men don't yet have the bill for the rescue operation but said the cost is worth every penny.

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