Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Is It?

This is one of those great American inventions that works like new money. If you need to do this paticular job, this is the type to use.

What is the job, and what does it do? Post your answers to the comments section!


Camera Trap Codger said...

Looks like a trap designed to catch critters (like raccoons) that stick their paws into holes. With some modification that design could work for burrowing critters too.

PBurns said...


Nice job. It's a raccoon cuff trap, sometimes called an "egg trap" and there are a bunch of different looks and variations, but they are all desiged to be buried in a bank or and can ONLY catch raccoons so far as I know; there is no by-catch at all as there is not a normal "pan" to step on -- the raccoon has to reach in.

The raccoon is caught alive with "handcuffs," and because the trap is very light (plastic in some model) and is on long teather, the animal is unlikely to do any damage to himself if the trap is checked at least once a day. An animal can be removed alive to be relocated if you put a bucket or bag over the animal leaving just the foot exposed (cut a notch in the bucket lip ).


jack said...

Hi Patrick,

There really is a lot of interesting stuff on this site. Nice to see a trap that doesn't maim or cause undue agony too according to what you tell us here. great also to see that you are back up to full blogging and digging speed.

take care and good hunting to all the readers of this blog.

Cape Town

Anonymous said...

There is a great description of a homemade version of this trap, using the same basic principle, in the classic coonhound novel "Where The Red Fern Grows" by Wilson Rawls. I have also heard of a similar method that will also catch bears, but it will have to be made of a lot sturdier stuff, of course!...L.B.