Monday, April 20, 2015

Taxidermy Border Terrier

This stuffed border terrier is pictured at this Scottish Taxidermy web site.

Around the world there are a small group of people who seem unable to cope with the death of a pet, and think it appropriate to have it taxidermied and kept in the hall.

An odd thing if you ask me, but the world is full of odd people, isn't it?

Here in the U.S., Roy Rogers had his horse, Trigger, mounted rearing up on his hind legs after it died in 1965. For years the horse was kept in the foyer of Roy's house, but now it gets about 200,000 visitors a year at The Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri.

At the museum, you can also see Buttermilk (Dale Evans' horse) and Bullet (the Rogers' German Shepherd) who are mounted alongside.

Roy Rogers, for the record, died in 1998, but (sadly) he is not stuffed and mounted in a glass case at the museum.

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