Sunday, March 23, 2008

Get Rich Raising Rabbits

Wow! What a great idea!
Nothing breeds faster that rabbits, and this fine company in the heart of the rabbit-raising capitol of the world (cough, cough) will pay you "up to" $5.00 each.

What could go wrong? Nothing!

This ad is from the 1937 edition of Popular Science magazine.


Anonymous said...

I don't know... I'm already making so much money raising earthworms, hamsters, mice and chickens at home that I can't spend it all. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Lots of rabbits at the PA Farm Show -- it's definately a niche industry. Not only are there rabbits for food, but most of the fiber people seem to have a few of the long-haired rabbits to add to their mix. I bought my mom and my sister-in-law very warm hats at the Farmers' Market Fiber Festival that were sheep's wool and rabbit fur.

If I was growing my own animal protein for the family, I'd defiately add rabbits to the mix.