Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some Cool Sites Worth Checking Out

This post should probably be called "Blogs That Are Way Better Than Mine," but not all of these links are blogs, and there are so many blogs that are better than mine that I could be here typing all day. So instead of the better title, I am calling this post "Some Very Cool Sites Worth Checking Out." I promise to do this kind of thing more often. For even more blogs better than mine, check out the blogroll in the right column on this blog.

  • Bioephemera is a mash-up of biology and art. If you go straight to the Museum of Natural History, or could easily spend a morning looking at old biology prints, this is your kind of site. Very good, very cool, very eclectic. Gotta check it out.
  • Prairie Ice is a site written by someone who lives in Montana, lives for the Antarctic, and has a fetish for birds. Oh, and did I mention he is an astounding photographer? Good stuff. Gotta check it out.
  • Camera Trap Codger is a site done by a guy who hunts with camera traps and adds to it bits of interesting information on the critters he is photographing. A man after my own heart and a nice idea. Gotta check it out.
  • Art of the Greyhound is exactly what it sounds like -- but better. This one is from a master sculptor who lives in North Dakota. Check out the pictures of the greyhound looking at the sculpture of a greyhound with the top of its cranium cut out. And then what happens? Gotta check it out.
  • Laelaps is a site about dinosaurs and evolution and ecology and conservation and what's for dinner on the Serengeti. It's from a fellow at Rutgers and it's very well done. Gotta check it out.
  • Bearskinrug is a site by a very good artist-illustrator in the U.K who also has a nice sense of humor perfect for children's books and The New Yorker magazine. Since I have no abilities in this arena, I am always a bit awed by anyone who can take a picture with a camera, much less draw one with colored pencils. Gotta check it out.
  • uncylopedia is one of those wiki-things taken to its logical conclusion: a compendium of nonsense lies and distortions. How is this different from wikipedia? Not much, but check out the "dog" entry anyway. Very funny.
  • Hybrid and Mutant Animals. It is what is says, and that should be enough to garner a "look see" from anyone.


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