Wednesday, November 19, 2014

German Raccoon-Dog, Badger and Raccoon Hunting

Frank, badger and dachshunds.

Frank Joisten, from Germany, sent in some terrific pictures of his dachshunds working everything from badger and raccoon-dog (Tankuki) to American raccoon and fox. One of my favorite pictures is below, showing not only his take this eventful day, but also some very well-disciplined dogs!

Dog, dog, badger, dog, badger, dog, dog.

Frank lives in the northeast corner of Germany, near the Polish border, and is blessed with both badger and red fox, but also raccoon-dog, which were imported to the Ukraine from Korea and Japan, and which have now migrated into Finland, Poland and parts of Germany.

An amazing take of raccoon-dog!

American raccoon have also been imported to Germany.

Frank also has some American raccoon
in his area -- a legacy of animals brought to Germany in the 1930s in the hope of expanding the domestic fur industry.

Digging to raccoon-dog (aka Tanuki)

Frank reports that his dachshunds have a chest of 35 cm (13.78 inches). The Germans are very precise about chest measurements, as they understand that for a dog to be a "gebrauchshund" (i.e. a "useful" hunting dog), it cannot be too big to fit into a tight den, nor can it be so nose-dead as to be unable to find in the field. Along with size and nose and gameness, a German working dachshund has to show that it is also not gun shy.

For those interested in the various chest size standards for the teckel or hunting dachshund, see >>  As the FCI standard makes clear, the ideal chest size of a the largest working dachshund is just under 14 inches in circumference (35 cm). This 14 inch chest measurement is the same size cited as ideal for working terriers by Barry Jones in the UK (see and Ken James in the U.S. (see ), and is about the size of the average red fox chest found the world over (see

For those interested in working dachshunds in North America, see:

One of the great things about terrier work all over the world is that while it is a bit different all over, it is also quite a bit the same. The picture, above, could have been taken in the U.S., Germany, Finland, England, Canada or France -- the hunched over walk of a man with a locator box is the same all over!

Repost from 2006.


Anonymous said...

NIce photos. Awesome dachshunds!! I have a black and tan.

tuddy said...

nice dogs m8 i have a patterdale just stating

JanJan1341 said...

Have had Dachshunds in my life and family since 1966. Great little hunters!

Ngan Ha said...

Nice. Frank did a good job!!! Happy hunting