Monday, September 12, 2005

Penny Pinchers and the the Season Change

Coming up the driveway last night, I could just barely feel it -- the smell of Fall and the change of seasons. It's another three months before the groundhogs disappear, and it's fox time, but it's never too early to look for bargains on cold weather stuff.

Here are three places where very-low cost stuff can occassionally be found at incredibly low prices. Get on their email list for the best deals. Recent offers include $10 Swiss military mountain boots, $4 for Swedish wool pants with cargo pockets, $1 for three Swedish wool military scarves, $12 for an Australian wool sweater, $15 for Austrian camo parka, $15 for a 1.5 million candlepower spotting lamp, denim shirts for $12 each, etc. Some deals are better than others, of course, and odd sizes are common. Remember that if you don't actually need it for yourself or for a gift, it's a 100% waste no matter how cheap it is.

For those interested in another place that is likely to have it
(and to compare prices) see >> Cabela's

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