Friday, February 25, 2005

Bellman and Flint Locator Now for Sale

The new terrier locator system from Bellman and Flint is now for sale. The collar is pictured above, and it is very large: 3" by 1.5" by 1.5". The handout from Bellman and Flint says "The Transmitter Collar sits comfortably on the side of the dog’s neck." Hard to know how it stays in that location without the collar being very tight.

The system is expensive: 287 pounds UK or about $500 U.S.

As noted before, this rig does not appear to be a new invention: it is simply the newest and most expensive Pieps avalanche locator box with a Pieps Powder Puff transmitter afixed to the dog's collar.

A working Pieps rig can be had for about $250 by simply buying a Powder Puff transmitter (about $75) and the older Pieps model for about $175. For more on this, see >> HERE An altnerative is to buy a new Pieps box off of Ebay for about $100 more. This will save you about $150 over the Bellman and Flint Pieps rig..

To order the Pieps rig from Bellman and Flint, see >> HERE

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