Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coch-Y-Bonddu Groundhog Fly... and Books

Groundhog fur Vermont Caddis fly.

For those looking for an excellent assortment of dog and field sport books, I always recommend Coch-Y-Bonddu Books in Wales -- excellent prices, good service and a nice web site.

Coch-y-Bonddu dry fly.

Some folks may wonder about the name -- what, exactly, is a Coch-y-Bonddu?

It's a type of dry fly that looks very much like what we would normally think of as a "caddis dry fly".

The good news for those of you who fish, tie flies, and hunt groundhogs (all three of you!) is that groundhog fur is a very superiour fly-tying material (as is border terrier fur!).

For a guide to tying four basic groundhog-fur dry flies, including a "Vermont Caddis," click here.

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