Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kids and Dogs (and especially terriers)

Dogs and kids, Washington, D.C., 1923.  At least four Jack Russells are in this picture.  Click to view full size -- worth itSource.


Seahorse said...

GREAT photo for a number of reasons (love the little girl seemingly fisting the camera!), but can you see which one is not like the others?

Answer: The STUFFED toy terrier!

Seahorse ;)

PBurns said...

My favorite two are the young man on the far left holding the leash to the first Jack Rusell terrier who is giving as hard look at "Mr Good Hair and Good Looks" petting the collie. No love lost there!


Seahorse said...

Honestly, they all look straight of of "Lord Of The Flies" to me. I can't stop scanning their faces; there's SO much going on! Captain Pretty Collie is first to be pushed off the cliff!

Seahorse ;)