Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Sick Stuff

People are stupid.

You no doubt have your own evidence, but here's mine this morning: a pure poppy cock paper now made into an Internet post whose message is: If your dog is sick, it's not because you are inbreeding crap, untested, nonworking dogs in a closed registry and without any health testing, but because you vaccinated your dog.


How many dogs are we going to kill with this patent nonsense?

  • Is 1,000 too few?
  • Is 500,000 too many?

Does anyone reading this stuff claim to actually understand it?


If they do, they are liars. And you know why? Because it is in fact, pure gibberish!

This is a monkey typing -- a dictionary of science terms tossed into a Cuisinart on "high blend."

Footnotes? Sources? "We don' need no stinkin' footnotes or sources."

I am sorry, but herbology is BULLSHIT. So are crystals, feng shui, aromatherapy, homeopathy and the like.

Do not read "science" written by someone who believes in feng shui, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbology or a laying on of hands.

But hell, I cannot say it better than Billy Connolly can I?

No I cannot.

Now here's a clue: there are actually scientists who work on vaccines and immunology and they are not posting their stuff on some place called "The Dog Place."

Gimme a break!

And please do not kid yourself that this nonsense does not kill.

It does kill.

It is killing children in America right now.

Yes, stupidity and nonsense DOES have a toll.

State health officials reported Thursday that California is on track to break a 55-year record for whooping cough infections in an epidemic that has already claimed the lives of nine infants.....The state is on track to exceed the record 4,949 cases reported in 1955.

So THANKS to the vaccine hysterics who do not know their ass from their elbow about science or medicine who are KILLING KIDS by scaring ignorant mothers who never took a college biology course, much less organic chemistry.

And now these people want to KILLS DOGS too?



Some sick stuff if you ask me, and yes the pun is intended.


YesBiscuit! said...

Thank you Jenny McCarthy for the mounting death toll from WHOOPING COUGH!

I am pro vaccines for humans and pets with some caveats. I do think there are some vaccines that are unnecessary for ALL dogs. And just because the manufacturer hasn't tested a particular vaccine's efficacy past 1 year doesn't mean the vaccine isn't effective past 1 year. I'm glad to know the rabies vaccine is currently being test for longer duration periods.

HurricaneDeck said...

I went and read the article before I read the rest of your post. I didn't understand one word of it, much less what the picture was trying to illustrate.

Then I came back and read what you had to say.

Thank goodness I am not alone in my complete and utter confusion! What a nut job!!

Gina said...

Wait, are you saying Jenny McCarthy isn't qualified to be an expert on vaccines? But she is a CELEBRITY! How could she not be?

The Dog House said...

I'm a minimalist when it comes to vaccines.

I do believe that there are many vaccines that cause more harm than good.

I also think that these outbreaks are not necessarily due to unvaccinated children.

I was vaccinated for whooping cough, as were all my classmates. Yet at age 12 about half the class caught a strain of whooping cough that left us out of school for a few weeks. A few adults were affected but just mildly. No serious illness ensued.

The problem is, that it's articles like this one that muddy the waters between fact and bullshit.

The reality is that there are serious dangers associated with vaccination - and serious dangers associated with failure to vaccinate. Pros and cons need to be weighed in each case and for each vaccine.

Thanks for pointing out this article. Perhaps this will motivate people to search out the facts rather than the rhetoric.

PBurns said...

Dog House -- see the 2 links at the end, and you will see I too am a minimalist when it comes to vaccines. But NO vaccines is not the same as "you're done except for rabies aftr year one."

Vaccines are there to provied "herd health" first and individual health second. No vaccine is 100% 100% of the time, but it does not need to if everyone is vaccinated.

What we are seeing now, however, is a public health menace abtted by stupidity and hysteria, and as a result we are losing our "herd health."

A simple fact says a lot: In California, prior to this year, not a single child had died of whooping cough in the previos 55 years. This year nine have, due to the loss of herd health caused by folks who have embraced the "vaccines are bad" nonsense.

Ignorance and hysteria on vacccines is killing children and it's time we started accusing the ignorant and the hysterics of abbetting those deaths.


Gina said...

Read some Albert Payson Terhune and re-live the routine death of dogs to distemper. And then think about what a scientific advance vaccines really are.

Like Patrick, I'm a minimalist. But that's quite different from being an abolitionist.

The Dog House said...

I know your opinion on vaccinations, and I wasn't trying to suggest that you were promoting over-vaccination or using the ones that cause more harm than good.

I wasn't disagreeing that there is a risk to children thanks to the hysteria. But I also think the hysteria is being increased on the other side as well.

The cervical cancer vaccine is a great example, much like the lyme vaccine.

All I'm saying is outbreaks of disease among even vaccinated "herds" are not uncommon, and hysteria on either side doesn't help. In 2005, there were 3,182 cases - with the CDC admitting that many don't get reported.

All nine infants that died were too young to be protected by the vaccine. Also, whooping cough outbreaks were expected this year - they peak every five years.

"Vaccinate and you'll get sick and die" is not a valid argument, but neither is "Vaccinate for everything, every chance you get or you'll die."

I'm agreeing that the facts need to be the deciding factor in any decision - and the hysteria caused by both sides is frustrating.

Viatecio said...

I was once on a forum where a naturalist nut once stated that "Dogs pull on leash because they have encephalitis." And why, of course, would they have encephalitis? Overvaccination!

It was a good day when I saw that I was not the only person to call complete and utter BS on that.

I agree with your stance on vaccines too, and I absolutely detest fear-mongers like these who go about with no basis or fact, or even a smidgen of science to back them up, other than some homeopath's claims that flower therapy really does work compared to Western medicine.

The ones who only believe in prayer also scare me too, but let's not go there!

The Doubtful Guest said...

"Vaccinate and you'll get sick and die" is not a valid argument, but neither is "Vaccinate for everything, every chance you get or you'll die."

I think I love you. Damn if I don't love level-headed people who understand that life is ALWAYS shades of gray--and they can actually express themselves thusly on the Internet.

Moochies Mother said...

The reality for herd health in the case of cattle ranchers. They vaccinate for a number of diseases and pay alot of money for doing so. They also provide vitamins and minerals for their animals. If you are running 5,000 head of mother cows and it costs you $10 per year per head plus calves (90% live births) to vaccinate, you are spending $50,000 plus $45,000 = $90,000 per year for vaccine plus the cost of nutritional suppliments. Trust me, these guys wouldn't be spending that kind of money if it didn't improve their bottom line which is dependant on having a healthy herd. If you can't make informed decisions (scientific, not celebrity hype) your progeny will be selected against and no one will even give a shit in the long run because your dead kids will just be another statistic due to hysterical parents refusing to accept the science developed for public health.