Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gearing Up for Something New

A Remington 1100 Skeet (not my gun, but the same)

I probably won't be able to dig forever... only another 20 years or so... and so with that idea in mind, I have been toying with the idea of taking up bird hunting. 

I live in the middle of some of the best duck and geese hunting in America, but turkey seems the thing to challenge a man as the birds have incredible eyesight and require some skill to call in close. Of course turkey season is short and life is long, and so I figure I might take up a little skeet shooting as well -- something for the wet days or the really hot days when digging is not in the cards.

In order to move forward on both ends, I have recently acquired two well-cared for vintage Remington 1100s from a friend -- a 25-inch 12-gauge skeet gun, and 29-inch 12-gauge magnum for turkey.   

These are well-made 50- and 35-year old guns, are simple to operate and maintain for a novice like me, and because they are one-barrel semi-autos I have some chance of hitting what I aim at, if I put in a little practice.

Of course, the acquisition of a shotgun (or two) means a few other things also have to be acquired, and so I made a quick order to Midway for a soft case (hard cases and locks already in hand), a shell pouch, oil, solvent, Break-Free, a silicone-impregnated cloth, patches, cleaning rod, brushes, a four-box ammo carrier, and ear protection.  I ordered it all on Monday and it was delivered on Thursday. Can't beat that service!


Doug said...

I'm thinking along the same lines. Got some guns for my son and I and we will be trying our hand at gun hunting this fall. Keep us posted on how your adventures go.

Karen said...

I have that Remy and it's probably just as old, it's my Dad's gun. I goose hunt where I live in Canada and love it! Here, the Canada Geese are plentiful and the hunts are always good.

I've never done a turkey hunt, but they are pretty hard to get, you need alot of patience, but my Dad got two this season.

Keep us posted on your bird adventures. I know that you will enjoy it, a lot less work than hunting the dogs :)

Water Over The Dam said...

Well, you will need a bigger dog. May I suggest a poodle? (Check with the local eagle population on this.)