Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scottie and Owners, Washington, D.C., 1917

Click for large version.


Starbreeze said...

What a wonderful picture! Thank you for sharing. Scotties have changed tremendously in looks over the years. My personal opinion is that they have become too much of a caricature of their former selves. If only we could go back and find nice dogs like these again!

Simba said...

Amazing the difference between the two pictures, isn't it? Terriers are such versatile dogs. The breeds had to be that way around, too.

Timothy said...

Did you notice the small terrier (?) in the window in the store display?

PBurns said...

Yes, he's "Nipper," a statue of the RCA Victrola mascot. See >> for an inside picture of a store with MANY hidden Nippers as well as >> for the entire back story on Nipper and his creator(s).