Friday, November 26, 2010

Lost Jack Russell Notice



seeker said...

I started to write something negative to you like 'that's not funny' but then I realized that if more people believed this ad there would be fewer JRTs, fewer JRTs in pounds, and fewer JRTs like the little one you posted earlier this week. More people need to realize that they are NOT Eddy, or Wishbone or Skip then they (hopefully) would not want them and puppy mill types would quit breeding them.

So, sic 'em Klaus!

Debi and the TX JRTs who are not hyperactive just busybusybusy.

PBurns said...

Exactly. While every other breed is ginning up the BS mill to sell their defective mutant dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier community (whose dogs are pretty darn healthy), is working like hell to UNSELL our breed and keep it out of the hands of the kind of fools that buy Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and English Bulldogs.

We tell people to NOT get a Jack Russell terrier if they would faint if the dog killed a squirrel or killed their kids's hamster or their parrot.

These dogs are NOT for people who want an easy lap dog. A Russell worth his salt is about as subtle as a big bore Harley Davidson.

The JRTCA has a whole page devoted to unselling the breed (see >> ) and this blog and web site have hammered home this message as well.

See >> A Fifteen Year Mistake at >>
and >>
and >>
and >>
and >>

But humor may work best. When people ask me if my dogs like cats, I always say they love them! "What flavor cats do you have?"


Seahorse said...

We are a remarkable group of inverted thinkers, aren't we? Thing is, it's hard to overcome the nonsense that Hollywood feeds and dummies lap up. Everyone wants a finished product like "Eddie", even if Eddie's trainer would tell you it's never "finished". I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've told people a JRT is not for them. Every single one took my advice, except a family member who disregarded my advice...twice. Just goes to show, family is the hardest to train!

Seahorse ;)

Kathryn said...

I wish the Jindo community was that well organized and honest.

My Jindo, Cookie, who lived 13 interesting years, was so fastidious that she would refuse a fresh, meaty beef bone because it might get a drop of blood on her whiskers, but she would stalk, kill and eat an entire cat. Given a five-acre field to explore, she would run to the fence and try to get out. Her prey drive required her to chase down and bite small squealing children. This is perfectly normal Jindo behavior that cannot be trained away, yet people still acquire these dogs because they are beautiful, and take them to Animal Control because they are Jindos.

At this time, I am very relieved to have only two hounds, whose worst habit is honestly believing that they get an equal vote in what we're going to do now.

Martyn said...

One of ours is a JRT/Whippet cross which means he's fast enough to catch everything he chases, he out-ran a friends horse one day, luckily it was to big to fit in his mouth. :S