Monday, September 14, 2009

Digging on the Dogs

Pearl slides in.

The rebuilt sette afterwards. With very shallow settes, like this one, I put on a "roof" of fallen timber, bark and rotten wood, and then put the dirt back on top. If you do it any other way, the pipe is permanently blocked and the hole is never filled as (due to previous animal excavation) there is not longer enough dirt to do the job.

With deeper settes, I jamb the wood sideways into the hole, and then fill with dirt until flush with the ground. Vegetation mixed with the fill dirt helps keep the dirt stable, and may also speed revegetation around the sette.


Seahorse said...

This photo of Pearl made me think of something I'd never considered before. In a tight forward "slide" could a male dog have discomfort a female would avoid? Could it affect his keenness?


PBurns said...

You mean testicles banging together or against rock or dirt? Never occurs so far as I know. There's always room at the back of the dog if they get get their chest through.

I prefer female dogs, but that's due to size -- females are almost always smaller and size really matters. Males well under 12 inches are like gold.


Seahorse said...

Actually, I meant the potential for penises to get "snagged", for lack of a better term.


PBurns said...

Nope, never happens. The sword is sheathed on a dog, same as in a duck.


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