Friday, September 26, 2008

Mighty Fearless :: Mighty dog

This ad wouldn't work as well with any other breed.



Christine said...

As a child, I had a beagle/terrier cross who did just that (with a California mountain lion.) Dog survived; lion must not have been hungry. Can still see it in my mind's You-Tube.

PBurns said...

"my mind's You-Tube."

I like that line.

Glad the dog didn't get eaten too :)


jack said...

a little bitch that I bred just over a year ago, killed a 3 metre puff adder a couple of months ago down here. The owner was very proud, as am I at the dogs courage, but the truth of a situation like this is that the terrier is very lucky to have won and survived. a tip for anyone whos terrier corners a snake, do not distract the dog, keep very quiet and pray. If you call the dog you can distract it long enough for the snake to get a good strike.